Spring Time at Alexandria

Spring has sprung! We have been blown away by the learning opportunities that the change in seasons has brought. At every age across the service, children and educators have been very busy investigating the world around them, examining plants in our gardens, tasting herbs and vegetables, and planting new seedlings ready for germination. 

Educators have extended the children’s curiosities through a variety of experiences over many different learning domains. Outdoors in the big yard, children have been engaging in a variety of dramatic play opportunities such as opening a flower shop to celebrate spring and foster social development. Educators have also facilitated a fresh herb shop where children experimented with, prepared, and sold herbs from our garden. All children have been extremely interested in our thriving herb garden, wanting to look, touch and taste the rosemary, strawberries, and mint. Mint seems to be the favourite – Tom commented that it reminded him of when his mum makes a roast with mint jelly, while other children said it tasted like toothpaste! Educators have also used herbs from our garden to create cooking experiences so children can watch the process of plant to plate. The nursery children made spring rolls with the herbs and other vegetables and enjoyed them for their afternoon tea.

Our Sustainability Captain, Ms Nonie has been busy helping to prepare our gardens for more planting, getting the children involved to plant the seeds and watering them. Children helped to plant sunflowers and strawberries, surrounded by discussions around the growing process and how to care for the new plants.

The endless learning opportunities that the wonderful natural world has been providing the children with this month has been inspiring. We are excited to see where the children’s wonder and curiosity leads us for the remainder of the season. Spring is a great time for planting and caring for plants. Ms Nonie has some great tips for your own garden, let us know if you use any of them!

  1. When choosing a plant for you indoor or outdoor space, check the amount of sun or shade requirements to ensure it will be happy and healthy!
  2. When planting seedlings, ensure there is enough space for the plant to grow to its full potential.
  3. Cultivation of soil gives enough oxygen for the roots to become healthy and the plant to grow strong. 

 “With the right amount of water, healthy soil and a nurturing green thumb, you can grow anything!” – Ms Nonie

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