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So, why leave their story with Story House?

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Continuity of care counts

Our team makes a big difference in your child’s story. Consistency is essential for your child, so we look after our team to keep them around to care for your child.

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Our facilities are the best in the industry

From educators who’re paid above award rate to the nourishing meals we serve, and through to our classrooms. We’re confident we have the best facilities in the country.

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Community-based approach

Different communities call for different approaches. We tailor our educational curriculums, menus, and programs to the community, with consideration of culture.

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Your feedback matters

Our team is constantly analysing your feedback to find recurring themes. Then, we put a plan in place to make the changes we know you want to see.

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Because it’s the little things that make a big impact on your child’s story.

Everything we do comes back to your child’s story. We believe that the story your child lives sets the foundations for their life — especially in these formative years. So, whether it’s the food they’re provided with, the play activities they take on, or the facilities they learn in — it all matters.

Creating stories along the East Coast.

With centres across Australia’s east coast, we’re proud of the presence we’ve created.

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“One of the best places I’ve ever worked”

We are lucky to have such a strong and people focused company by our side…. with your support and our amazing leader, we are so lucky

Shannon, Story House Early Learning Chinderah. 

Pick something up to make your little one look the part.

Take a look at the Story House Early Learning Shop. With T-shirts, bucket hats, and stationery available, your little one can look the part – in a range of fun colours, too!

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Let their learning story start with us.

We have centres across Australia

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