We create positive learning stories. That's how it started.

Story House Early Learning began with the belief that early childhood education unlocks all doors. It’s the cornerstone of how children continue to learn and how their stories develop as they progress through life. We realised that the smallest touches can make such a big difference in your child’s story.

So, we set out to start something better. A place where parents’ priorities are acknowledged, children and their differences are catered for, and the community’s wider needs are met.

Getting these stories right starts with the right people.

There are so many people who’ll make a difference in your child’s story and their educators are among the first. They have an important role and how they work with your child will shape how they approach education for the rest of their lives.

We take a thoughtful approach to hiring. It’s not just about finding a good educator, it’s finding the right educator for the community and its children and families.

We rely on our families’ feedback too.

You know what your child and your community needs. We regularly send surveys out to our families to ensure we’re meeting your needs. When we see recurring themes in these, we’re quick to get involved and implement that feedback so we can shape your child’s story just right.

Then, we need the best facilities. But each service centre is unique.

We have some of the best childcare facilities in the country. It’s important to us that our facilities have the right equipment, resources, and curriculums for them, their kids, and their families. Each of our service centres is treated individually.

They’re shaped and tailored to the community — not a franchise model. A city-based service centre will have completely different needs to a regional town’s. We’re here to meet each community’s different needs.

That’s our story. Here’s how we’re shaping your child’s story.

The story your child creates with us shapes how they’ll learn for life.

Every child’s story matters to us. We believe that each child is on their own unique journey that shapes the person they are and who they will become. Just like the chapters of a story, we understand that each child moves through their own story at their own pace. Learning is a lifelong journey and early childhood education sets your child up to learn for life.

It’s our mission to make every child’s early learning story a happy and positive one.

Here’s how we plan to do it…


We show integrity through all our interactions, by being honest, responsible and by doing what we say we will do.


We strive to ensure our community feels seen, heard and valued through open communication and meaningful relationships.


We accept everyone for who they are and always uphold the rights and dignity of our community members.


We are dedicated to providing a positive culture through helping each other to realise our potential.


We value the delivery of safe places for the mental and physical wellbeing of all.


We think big, are always open to new ideas, and our culture prioritises innovation to ensure constant growth and improvement.


We celebrate successes, have fun and act as passionate team players demonstrating genuine positivity.

Let their learning story start with us.

We have centres across Australia