The blocks we use to build your child’s story.

Building the perfect learning story starts with the right building blocks. At Story House, we want our early learning centres to be a place you trust implicitly with your child’s development.

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We feed them healthy, balanced meals.

Your child needs a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet to thrive. The food we feed your child directly affects their energy levels, learning, and development. So, we provide fresh and balanced meals each day to ensure your child receives the breadth of nutrition they need.

Of course, our meals are tailored to the child, we take every precaution with allergies and food intolerances. Our meals are tailored to our communities too — we’ll consider the cultures and backgrounds in our centres when we develop our weekly menus.

We get them ready for school and education.

Our pathway to school program offers a range of engaging experiences tailored to each child’s individual personalities not only for school but for life. Your child will become an independent learner confident in their social skills and be able to problem solve, wonder, question and think about how the world works. Through play each child will become confident writers and mathematical thinkers as they engage in various learning opportunities. They will build their resilience skills and understand how to overcome obstacles by developing skills to support their own wellbeing, caring for others and their learning environment. Our program will connect with the local community as well as local schools so Story House children are ready and excited for their next step in life, going to school.

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We offer to craft the perfect learning stories.

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Kinder Funding

Equality in education is really important to us. We believe children deserve equal access to education and resources. So, we’re really excited about Kinder Funding coming to all states.

We customise their daily routines, while ensuring familiarity

It’s important for your child to have predictability in their daily routine. Routines create a safe and fun environment for them to explore and thrive in. So, each of our service centres has its own custom routine to run through daily. However, children also love to explore through new programs and engage with a variety of activities throughout their week. We incorporate a variety of indoor and outdoor play-based activities and dynamic and vibrant educational programs.

We hire highly qualified staff

Your child needs the correct support from educators who use evidence-based practices and engaging learning activities. We hire early learning educators who are each highly qualified and highly experienced. Then, we give them the correct resources and competitive benefits to ensure retention. Our high employee retention rate provides your child with continuity of care.

We provide a safe environment to be explored

You need an early learning centre you can trust to care for your child. Of course, our thoughtful hiring makes sure your child is properly cared for. But it’s important we get the environment right too. Our centres are baby-proofed, child-proofed, and perfectly maintained to make sure we have the perfect environment for your child to thrive.

We use Story Park to communicate with you in real-time

You’ll receive your own secure login to Story Park. It’s a platform we use so you can check up on your little one throughout the day. You’ll get to see all the exciting activities your child is up to in real-time with photos. Of course, the data shared on this app is private and only seen by you and any other nominated caregiver for your child.

Creating stories along the East Coast.

With centres across Australia’s east coast, we’re proud of the presence we’ve created.

Let their learning story start with us.

We have centres across Australia

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