Yoga with Giddi Makes us Giddy at Black Rock Childcare

Yoga is an activity that we have weekly at our service. Our yoga teacher, Giddi, guided us through a watch and listen session and yoga today was silent!

Today’s yoga session involved the children using eye contact with Giddi to watch his poses without words so we can follow. This coincided with the kinder program.

With meditating music, we watched Giddi’s poses and actions and followed. It was the best yoga class we’ve ever had! All educators and Giddi were so proud of how focused and how hard we tried with tricky poses – without giving up.

We have introduced yoga into our weekly program as it helps strengthen children’s growing bodies by helping improve their flexibility, gross motor strength and agility. Yoga teaches the importance of directing energy and reduces impulsivity. It also assists in reducing challenging behaviours in the classroom by providing a physical outlet for children to express themselves.

Well-done champions!

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