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Sorry-Day-Aboriginal-art-work-by children

Story House Early Learning – Embraces National Sorry Day

Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week (May 27 – June 3) provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate Australia’s indigenous people, families, and communities and reflect on what we can do to help the ongoing process of reconciliation.

Black Rock Childcare ANZAC Excursion

Delivering ANZAC Care Packages

For this ANZAC Day we thought we’d support to our troops based overseas by sending a few care packages from all the children at Story House Black Rock.

Bush Kinder Excursion Sandringham Kids Exploring

Bush Kinder in Sandringham

The children got back into nature this week during their bush Kinder excursion. The children were able to soak up the sun and explore the natural environment at Sandringham.

Black Rock Beach Kinder Class Photo

Taking Kinder to the Beach

Last week, the children set off on their first adventure to Black Rock Beach – which was a huge success! During our walk, the children were chatting excitedly, pointing at various things in the environment and waving at community members and discussing what they would like to do once they arrived.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity Week creates a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together as a community to celebrate our multicultural heritages and identity.

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