Indigenous Australian language taught at Warrnambool Childcare Service

We are very fortunate here in Warrnambool to receive visits 2 to 3 times per term from Bronwyn Ferguson, our local Koori Pre School Field Officer.

Having access to programs such as this helps us to embed indigenous culture into our day to day program, not just during Reconciliation week and NAIDOC week and other special dates during the year.

Bronwyn teaches our children the local indigenous language and reads our children Dreamtime stories such as “Tiddalick the frog”.   This week we also sang and danced to a song called “kangaroo rock”.

Bronwyn also taught us to say :

hello – Ngatawarr
kangaroo – koorrayan
emu – karpeering
possum – kooramook

Let your child’s learning story begin with us!

For enrolment enquiries 03 5562 1289 or 1300 786 794

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