Free Worm Tea at The Cottage at Coomera

Worm tea in a bottle

Gardening enthusiasts know all about worm tea – and it’s not the kind you drink with milk and sugar!

Worm tea is a natural liquid fertilizer made from soaking worm manure (castings) in water. Worms digest organic material to produce castings filled with nutrients and beneficial microbes. Steeping these castings in water overnight creates a worm tea that helps boost plant growth.

The children from Owls and all the senior playground at The Cottage at Coomera have been learning all about worm tea and working with the worm farm to produce lots of the nutrient dense liquid for families to take and put in their gardens at home.

Worms make the perfect pets in an early learning setting.  Children are fascinated by them and keeping a worm farm is a relatively easy way to recycle food scraps in a childcare environment. 

There are so many sustainability benefits to worm farms that we are seeing an increasing number of these farms across many of our services at Story House Early Learning. Worm farms encourage children to become involved in the garden and care for living and non-living things.  Children get to witness the food cycle in action and learn to become more socially responsible by changing habits in small but powerful ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

We also encourage families to establish their own worm farms at home.  You can use old bathtubs, worm towers, recycled polystyrene boxes, plastic tubs or you can purchase commercially made worm farms. They fit in to any space and are very budget friendly.  You’ll be able to recycle your food scraps, feed your hungry worms and use the nutritious fertilizer for your garden – everybody wins! 

And finally, a pro tip – if you want worms that will grow and reproduce faster and are also able to withstand warmer temperatures (like sunny Queensland) purchase Tiger worms (or Red worms) online and get them delivered – you’re welcome 😊. 

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