What children can learn going outside their childcare centre


The educators and children at Story House Roma Street enjoyed another trip to Roma Street Parklands. We are indeed privileged to be so well connected to such a fantastic public space, right here in the centre of Brisbane City. But aside from the enjoyment of this fantastic natural facility, there are so many benefits to a taking an excursion such as this.

Here are some reaons we we love taking our children outside of the four walls of the childcare centre…

Exposing our children to new sights and sounds

The children loved looking out of their pram and watching their world pass by. Mila was especially curious as it was her first excursion with Story House. She loved looking at all the cars and people passing by.

As we take these lovely walks, we’re not just witnessing the world around us. We’re actively engaging our children and asking questions. What colour is the stop sign? Where is the arrow pointing to. What button do we have to push to go up to the elevator?

These are all opportunities to help our children view and comprehend words and symbols in practical every day life. Much better than learning from a book.

Taking a moment to appreciate our environment

Once we arrived at the destination, we took a moment to sit down in the park, to enjoy some rice cakes with cheese, and fruit before we went to play.

These moments give us an opportunity observe and understand our natural environment. It’s important for children to connect to nature. It’s part of our learnings about sustainability and taking care of our world. We talk about where the air we breathe (oxygen) comes from, our ecosystems, why animals need natural vegetation, and how trees give us shade and cools us.

Allowing children to be adventurous and explore

Grace and Angus were trying to be part of the big group and followed Jakob and Xavier around the play ground as fast as they could. Georgia was more interested in walking around the grass area, looking at all the interesting birds that were coming to say hi.

Every child is unique and is directed by their own curious mind. Placing them in a large, open and stimulating space such as the Roma Street Parklands gives them the opportunity to follow their own interests, and give them a sense of independence and freedom of choice. A wonderful environment to let them be.

What other excursions are we looking forward to?

We are making preparations for our next adventure shortly. We’re going across the river to the State Library of Queensland (SLQ). A great resource for families and young children. They host fabulous activities such as rhyme time and live music, as well as arts and crafts activities. Of course, we also offer this at our own centre. The benefit of the SLQ is that they provide a forum for our children to engage with other children and members of our community. An opportunity to help develop social skills and community participation.

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