Rainbows of Unity


The children at Story House Putney have joined the Rainbow Trail which has been created as a way for kids to be creative and find other’s creations on their walks during these times of self-isolation.

The Rainbow Trail is helping children build resiliency which is important in early childhood because it helps them to cope with the ups and downs of life.  Events like moving to a new house, friends moving away, death and now dealing with the effects of this global pandemic creates stress on families which children see and feel.  Being resilient is a life skill we take into adulthood.

To show their community spirit and to symbolize that we’re all in this together, the children painted their hands in all different colours and drew colourful rainbows of hope which were displayed on the front door of the centre.

In times like this, it’s important for children to be able to learn to identify, express and manage their emotions.  They need to know that it’s ok to feel worried, scared or anxious but that others are feeling the same way and that we can all play a part in helping everyone to feel better about what’s happening. 

Whether it’s encouraging children to express their emotions through creativity, discussion, play or hugs, building resilience helps children not only to deal with current difficulties that are a part of everyday life, but also to develop the basic skills and habits that will help them deal with challenges later in life, during adolescence and adulthood.

These rainbows mean so much to so many and they’ve already put a smile on someone’s face today!

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