Oz Education Putney is now Story House Putney

Oz Education Putney is now Story House Putney

Effectively immediately, Oz Education Putney will operate as Story House Early Learning Putney.

The rebranding of the Oz Education child care centre completes a process that began late in 2019, when Oz Education Putney joined the Story House family.

A new name does not mean a change to the service. Oz Education has been providing an excellent service for the Putney community, and under the Story House Early Learning brand we aim to maintain the same level of passion and dedication you’ve come to expect.

Our families will receive the same service from the same educators, but now benefit from additional investment in facilities and educational programs.  Story House Early Learning is strongly committed to the Putney community to provide high quality day care and preschool service.

The change of name has been approved by the Regulators and you will see all signage, team member uniforms, documents, digital media channels and information to now show Story House Early Learning Putney.