Welcome to Story House Doreen’s New Service Manager!

Welcome to Story House Doreen’s New Service Manager!

As we gear up towards the November opening of our brand-new Story House Early Learning service in Doreen, Victoria, we have started to bring together an amazing team of professionals who are looking forward to providing a first-rate early learning service to young children and their families - and no one is more excited than our new Service Manager, Samantha Marriner.

Samantha comes to Story House as an experienced Service Manager, early learning educator and arts & crafts extraordinaire. She is bright, enthusiastic, full of energy and has a ton of experience working with and developing programs for young children as well as managing people and the day-to-day operations of a childcare service.

It’s going to be a team effort!

As the Service Manager of a brand-new service, Samantha is looking forward to working alongside the Story House operations team including her Operations Manager, Kate and Educational Practice Partner, Sabina who will help her to lead and manage a very capable team of educators, develop programs to grow the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of children, ensure the service and her team are complying to safety standards and government regulations and she will manage the service’s finances and supplies.  She will also have the task of creating a service philosophy in keeping with the National Quality Standards, Early Learning Years Framework as well as the principles and values of Story House – Integrity, Connectedness, Respect, Commitment, Safety, Growth & Innovation.

It is indeed a challenging role, but with Samantha’s experience and expertise, she knows that the rewards of her hard work and dedication are commonly seen as smiles on the faces of the children and educators when they arrive and as they leave after a very busy day.

And to top it all off, Samantha and her team will do all of this in a beautiful, newly-built service – a blank canvas for her to unleash all that creativity.

Please join us as we welcome Samantha Marriner to the Story House family

Check out the plans for the new Doreen playground here.

To enquire about new enrolments or for more information about Story House, please contact our Doreen Service.