Space Discovery in the Lizard Room


One of the primary goals of the early childhood science curriculum is the development of scientific thinking in young children. Scientific thinking differs from the learning of scientific facts in that scientific thinking involves children in the process of finding out. The Lizard Room are doing just that..finding out about Space!

So how did this come about?  During group time, parent interactions and day-to-day conversations with the children, it was discovered that the Lizards had an insatiable curiosity and interest in Space.  

To kick-off their new project, children were invited to sit on the mat to talk about everything they knew about Space. The educator captured their knowledge and let their little imaginations run wild.  The group talked about aliens living in space, meteors coming to the planet and that space people go from earth to the moon in rocket ships.

The educators will use this wealth of information to further extend on the children’s learning and have started to focus on the solar system, starting with planet Earth.

As the children talked about Earth during group time, they identified where Australia is in relation to the rest of the world.  Looking at a map of the Earth, they recognized that the blue is water, the green is the land and the white is the clouds.

At Story House, Alexandria, educators take advantage of the different ways science can be naturally integrated into our play-centered curriculum. The Space project will be incorporated across all areas of the program with lots of fun and exciting activities to come. 

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