Ocean Week is Celebrated at Story House Alexandria

Recently the whole service joined together to celebrate Ocean Week. Throughout the week children of all ages joined in experiences to learn about and celebrate the ocean and its many creatures. Some of the experiences included sensory exploration with the use of paper, ribbons, sand, stones, and sea creatures. These types of experience sparked curiosity and wonder in the ocean and promoted discussion and language development. In the 1-year-old and two-year-old rooms children used tongs to pick rubbish out of the water to save the sea creatures, quite a challenge for their fine motor skills!

The children also engaged in some ocean-themed art with mediums such as drawing, painting and collage. They practiced engaging their creativity as well as fine motor skills to design their beautiful artworks. Many discussions about sea creatures arose while they worked on their art, increasing their appreciation for the diversity of life that lives in our oceans.

Some of the older children watched a video about how our rubbish ends up in the ocean. We followed this with a discussion about what was happening to our oceans and what we could do to help. Tilly told me “I always put my rubbish in the bin, wind can blow it into the water” and Lenny said “The whale eats rubbish, it’s bad. It’s meant to be in the bin”. This then led to some children making signs to remind people to put their rubbish in the bin. Ocean week has helped some of our children begin to understand their impact on the world and inspired them to become active citizens and take action to help the environment.

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