Celebrating National Nutrition Week at Alexandria

We celebrated National Nutrition week from the 10th to the 16th of October. The children enjoyed extending their natural curiosity through further exploration of fruit and vegetables, including the herbs in our garden. Children touched, tasted, and participated in discussions and experiences to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of good nutrition. Children of all ages across the service engaged in experiences that strengthened these skills.

In the nursery rooms, children explored nutrition and broadened their understanding of what different fruit and vegetables look like through pictures, discussions, sensory and tasting activities. Platypus one enjoyed sticking fruit and vegetable pictures onto some contact paper, further strengthening their fine motor and communication skills. They also enjoyed making their own fruit juice to taste and enjoy, responding through facial expressions and babbling. Platypus two studied pictures of both fruit and vegetables and practiced their language skills by responding to educators to share their ideas. Children demonstrated their prior knowledge and delighted in identifying new fruits and vegetables. They also explored real fruit and vegetables by touching and tasting them in a table-top sensory experience. Children responded to what they saw and tasted, enjoying the different flavours and textures.

The older children in Kangaroos and Lizards engaged in a stimulating sensory experience using fruit and herbs from our garden. A large trough was filled with water and all the different fruit and herbs were added for the children to engage in dramatic play using all the materials. Cups, spoons and bowls were used as the children played together, taking turns to experiment with all the elements. It opened discussions about “cooking” and “making” things like tea and soup. The children were so excited to share their discoveries with peers and educators, demonstrating their communication and social skills. Overall, it was an amazing week where children learnt about nutrition in a holistic manner across many learning domains.

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