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Recently we have been working on improving mealtimes at Story House Alexandria. We have revamped the menu which is now displayed in the foyer for families to read, discuss with their children and let us know if they have any feedback.  We have also begun to provide samples of different parts of the menu for families to try. Again, we are excited to hear their feedback on these delectable treats.

During our recent staff meeting, we reflected on how mealtimes operate in each room. We discussed the physical environment, relationships during meals, promoting healthy eating, educational value and organisation of educators. Stemming from this discussion we have started an agenda to ensure positive mealtimes.

The team are excited to show off the improvements that have been made to our mealtimes within the last fortnight. The children have been busy designing and drawing their beautiful placemats to be used each time we sit down to eat. Those rooms that have finished them have begun to use them and we are already noticing the difference they make. The placemats foster a sense of belonging for the children, as well as helping them to develop their sense of identity. The children find joy in recognising their own work and the placemats have sparked more positive attitudes towards sitting and enjoying meals together. It is amazing how big of a difference such a small change can make!

We have also been working on making meals more child centred. For example, children are being encouraged to serve themselves. This fosters their self-help skills, sense of agency and their fine motor skills as they manipulate tools such as tongs and large spoons. This is also an opportunity for children to learn about food wastage and being considerate of others, by only taking what they need and ensuring they leave food for their peers. We have also noticed that when children serve themselves, they have been more willing to try different or new foods, as they can decide what and how much food they want to put on their plate.

This might also be an opportunity for our families to also reflect on mealtimes in their homes, as we have been in our service. Try considering these ideas:

  • Is the environment child-centred? Is it accessible to children and do they have opportunities for independence and agency e.g., serving themselves?
  • Do table settings support mealtimes as an occasion? E.g. Placemats
  • Are transitions to mealtimes respectful and calm?
  • Do mealtimes involve positive interactions and conversations?
  • Are mealtimes used as an education opportunity? E.g. numeracy discussions such as how many people are at the table

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