Sport is Back and a New Kitchen Window at Black Rock

Sport is Back and a New Kitchen Window at Black Rock

Kitchen News

Our chef Margarita is the heart of our service here at Black Rock.  Her devotion and willingness to ensure that all children (and parents) have full bellies at the end of the day is appreciated by everyone. She dishes up healthy, yummy food every day and now all those delicious smells are wafting throughout the service with our new kitchen servery.

Everyone who enters the service will be able to experience the amazing aroma that travels from the kitchen throughout the whole service.  It also means we can access the food more easily to feed our hungry tummies.

Trust us…. with this new and improved kitchen setup, you would be crazy not to want to come in and experience what we do every day – you might even get a sample 🙂

Sport is Back!

We are so excited to welcome back Phil and Zoe from Little Sports Heroes.

This week, we targeted our large muscle movement by pretending we were ginormous prehistoric animals.   Using imagery that we are familiar with keeps us interested and there was full participation from all children. Adding ball games and a cricket bat was a big hit and had the children not just hitting a “Six”, but feeling it also.

Sport for young children is beneficial in so many ways. It assists the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and extends on concepts such as turn taking, sharing, winning, and losing. For these reasons and many more, we have included a weekly sport program into our service for all children to extend on their interest and skills in their own way.

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Let their learning story start with us.