Roma Street Service Go Grocery Shopping

Roma Street Service Go Grocery Shopping

Lately, the children have been showing a keen interest in shopping so it was off to Woolies we went... read our story here.

Over the past few weeks, Miss K and our Senior class have been exploring the process of grocery shopping after one of the children discussed his recent shopping trip with mum. As the children continued to learn, their interest grew…

So today, we did our very own shopping excursion to the local Woolworths. We talked lots about ‘every day foods’ and ‘sometimes foods’, before coming to the decision of…

5 bananas, 3 oranges and 2 packets of veggie crackers…


a bouquet of flowers (Miss Thalia may have suggested this one.)

Once we finished our shopping, Miss Thalia explained to the children that they had a very special job to do during the pram ride back to Kindy.

Each child was given a rose, to give to a passer-by.

Miss Thalia explained that although we weren’t keeping the flowers for ourselves, by giving them as a gift, we would be helping to make others have a wonderful day too!!

The children LOVED this idea and everyone happily chose a community member to give their flower to ☺️

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Let their learning story start with us.