Cheltenham – Celebrating Birthdays with a Twist

Cheltenham-Happy-4th-Birthday watermelon cake

Birthdays are an exciting time for children and they often want to celebrate these special occasions with their peers.  We all have fond memories of a birthday cake, brightly lit with candles, waiting patiently for a slice of the sweet and yummy treat – the birthday boy or girl always gets the biggest piece!

Celebrating birthdays with traditional sweet and creamy treats can pose a problem when following healthy eating guidelines.  Cue… the watermelon cake!

At Story House Cheltenham, birthdays are celebrated with the healthy twist of a watermelon cake.  The very talented cook, Sarah makes the cake in consultation with the child who is celebrating their birthday.  They get to choose their favourite icing which is made of coloured Greek yoghurt and fruit.

Children come together for the afternoon to celebrate the birthday by creating a special birthday card, singing, wearing birthday festive hats and of course, devouring the delicious fruity cake.

Story House is conscious of any cultural sensitivities around birthdays and this is discussed with families.  However, celebrating a child’s birthday helps them to develop a sense of self-worth, recognizing that they are important to others; they get to share experiences from their own lives, that are unique to them which encourages children to see themselves as an important part of the group and it creates an opportunity to link their culture and home life with their time at the centre.

Birthdays are a great way for children to positively celebrate an important milestone and to share something that is important to them.

Story House families are encouraged to speak to their child’s educators about how their special celebrations can be incorporated into the early learning program.

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