Child Care and Kindergarten for families in Lynbrook

Quality early childhood education and child care provides the foundation for learning for life.
Let your child’s learning story begin with us

Customised Daily Routines

Kids House Early Learning Lynbrook provides customised daily routines to suit each child

Child Oriented Curriculum

Kids House Early Learning Lynbrook provides child orientated curriculum is that is based on family and child input.

Family Involvement

We encourage involvement with all aspects of our service including parent helpers within the service.

Safe Environments

We have a safe and friendly atmosphere where children are welcomed as individuals and feel a sense of belonging.

Nutritional Meals

Our healthy and nutritional menu considers cultures and dietary requirements of each child.
  • Natural play based
  • Qualified educators
  • Nutritious meals
  • Open ended experiences
  • Tailored learning and curriculum for each age group
  • Hands on learning & messy play experiences
  • Wide range of incursions and excursions
  • Indoor and outdoor play based experiences
  • Safe, quality, family-centred learning environments

Tailored Learning and Curriculum for each age group

Childcare Nursery Room

Nursery Room

This room caters for babies from 0 to 12 months. Our flexible and responsive routine responds to your child’s needs and stage of development. The aim in the nursery is to provide a caring and homely environment with lots of nurturing.

Baby Nursery Child Care

Pre Toddler Room

The Pre-Toddler Room is an active place where children aged from 12 months to 2 years engage in new experiences, based on their age, stage of development and interests, as they further develop their motor, sensory and social skills.

Child Care Toddler Room

Toddler Room

This 2 to 3 year age is an important time for language acquisition and development. Children learn different ways of communicating and build relationships. This is promoted through all activities including individual and group time, quiet time, sensory play and messy play.

Pre Kindergarten and early Preschool

Pre Kinder Room

By listening to children’s voices we provide a stimulating and holistic program for 3 to 4 year olds designed to prepare children for school socially, emotionally and academically. We run our Pre – Kinder room with a Bachelor trained Kindergarten Teacher.

Kindergarten and Preschool

Kindergarten Room

The Kinder Room incorporates the Funded Kindergarten Program. With the 4-5 year old age group, a major focus is social awareness and building independence skills. A play based curriculum gives children daily opportunities to direct their own learning.


What led you to a career in the childcare industry?
I have always had a passion for early education and the importance of the early years. It’s come from growing up myself in a family that are all teachers, from tafe, primary school to educators in childcare. I enjoy being a strong advocate for high quality of care within the childhood sector.

What are your favourite memories within the workspace?
I am most proud of the environment that we created as a team, and leading a exceeding service at full capacity.

Who inspires you and why?
I am inspired by all areas in the childcare sectors, the children have a huge influence on my work and ensuring all children are set up with the skills they need for life and when they reach their new skills, watching the way they reach them inspires me everyday. I am also inspired by all my educators with their passion and dedication to their jobs, this is what encourages me to continue a high standard of care and to reach our goals we set out.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about early childhood education and development, and the importance of the early years through birth to 5 years. I want to to ensure that all children have the chance to learn and become strong learners within their community.

What type of leadership style do you have?
Authoritative Style leadership where I like to lead by example and have open communication with all involved to reach our goals. Democratic Style- I enjoy open communication with all all educators, while making sure we achieve our goals in our own styles is very important to me.

What makes your service such an amazing service?
My workplace is a amazing place to work because I am passionate about my work and strive for a strong community involvement within the service. Where it is safe and secure for all educators and families, and build a strong family feel across the whole service.

What are your goals for the service over the next 12 months?
My goal for the next 12 months is to create a service with a strong community atmosphere, where families and children are involved in all areas of the running of the service. A strong focus on getting our children out in the community and building a high standard of education across the whole service.

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Comprehensive early childhood programs for Growing Children

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Our aim is to provide a secure and happy environment where children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and language skills to become competent and confident individuals. And for you to feel safe knowing that your child is receiving the best possible care. We offer a state-of-the-art facility boasting beautifully designed environments, spacious play areas, and modern educational materials.

Where to find Kids House Early Learning Lynbrook 

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10-30 Northey Road Lynbrook VIC 3975
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 Monday to Friday 6.30am to 6.30pm

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