Community connection for Kinder class 2023

Thank you card made by the kinder class of 2023

During August, the 4 year old Kinder children participated in a mail concept of sending a special card to the Nurses working at the Austin Hospital. This is an extension of our learning topic of “letter N” and “people who help in our community”.

The children also sent their drawings to friends at other Story House Early Learning Centres around Melbourne, New South Wales and Queensland. By engaging in this hands-on experience, children have the opportunity to think about and explore concepts of print and written communication with mail.

About 2 weeks after we sent the card and drawings, our children were really excited to receive a thank you letter from the Austin Hospital and beautiful drawings from friends at other SHEL centres who have also received our mails.

All the children really enjoyed this learning experience as they prepared their own letter by putting their drawing in the envelope, placing the stamp, posting it in the big red post box and then checking the mails that they received. These strong social connections help children develop their sense of belonging to their community, boost their confidence and lead to new friendships. Creating community connections with the children is important to our families here at Story House Bundoora. 

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Let their learning story start with us.

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