Dental Health Week at Story House Alexandria

The month of August was such a busy month for events in our community and service. We kicked the month off with Dental Health Week. This topic triggered a variety of discussions about the importance of teeth hygiene as well as some great hands-on experiences to explore these concepts further. Children practiced their teeth brushing skills with the dentures and discussed the different techniques for brushing their teeth. Children told us about their teeth brushing routines at home, forming connections with one another through the similarities in each of their homes. They also explored the concept of cleaning teeth through scrubbing marks off white stones with toothbrushes, discussing the importance of being careful and ensuring they were completely clean. This also challenged their fine motor skills to hold the toothbrush and get every spot! 

In the nursery rooms the babies focused on painting some big teeth with white paint, harnessing their fine motor skills. They also fed small balls into a cardboard cut-out mouth which they found very fun! The two and three-year old’s participated in sorting experiences where they had to determine which foods were good or bad for our teeth. This brought about many great discussions between the children and educators regarding health and nutrition. 

About Story House Alexandria

Story House  Alexandria is located at The Wool Stores on Huntley street Alexandria, just a few doors down from the iconic Grounds of Alexandria and a short walk from Sydney Park.  We provide quality and education to families in Alexandria and the surrounding suburbs of Waterloo, Erskineville, and Green Square.

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