Triangles, Circles and Squares…Oh My!


At Story House Early Learning Epping, children in the Kinder room are learning all about shapes!

Did you know that by the end of infancy, object perception is relatively well-developed but children still have a great deal to learn about shapes including being able to analyse and understand their essential features. Learning the shape names is easy for most children, but being able to analyse two-and three-dimensional shapes in various sizes and orientations is much harder, which is why we focus on analysis and understanding in early geometry education.

To help the Kinder children learn more about shapes, they have been exploring them in many different ways through play as well as small group and larger group experiences.

  • They’ve been exploring different types of shapes by learning their names, what they look like and how many sides they have.
  • They can recreate and represent shapes by drawing them and cutting out all different kinds of shapes.
  • They are learning to verbally identify shapes within the environment by going on ‘shape hunts’ inside the clasroom and outdoors to see what different shapes they can find which prompts lots of discussion and interaction between the children and the Educators.
  • The children have learnt a song called, “The Shape Name Game” which they refer to when drawing or cutting their own shapes.
  • The children have been building structures using different shaped blocks, exploring how shapes can fit together to create even bigger shapes!

Learning shapes not only helps children identify and organize visual information, they are the building blocks for skill development in numeracy, literacy and science. Learning shapes also helps children understand other signs and symbols.

Talk to your children about all the different shapes you can find in and around your home.  Their knowledge about shapes might surprise you!

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