Child Care and Kindergarten for families in Epping

Quality early childhood education and child care provides the foundation for learning for life.
Let your child’s learning story begin with us

Customised Daily Routines

Epping Early Learning provides customised daily routines to suit each child

Child Oriented Curriculum

Epping Early Learning provides child orientated curriculum is that is based on family and child input.

Family Involvement

We encourage involvement with all aspects of our service including parent helpers within the service.

Safe Environments

We have a safe and friendly atmosphere where children are welcomed as individuals and feel a sense of belonging.

Nutritional Meals

Our healthy and nutritional menu considers cultures and dietary requirements of each child.
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Nutritious meals
  • Linen, nappies, wipes and sunscreen
  • STEM Lessons, Art Workshops and Yoga
  • Tailored learning and curriculum for each age group
  • Indoor and outdoor play based experiences
  • Safe, quality, family-centred learning environments
  • Multicultural staff to support the needs of children from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Funded Kindergarten Program

Tailored Learning and Curriculum for each age group



We partner with you to provide a safe, quality, family-centred learning environment where every child is respected and nurtured. We continually develop our skills and explore new ways to enrich your child’s early learning experience.



Indoor and outdoor play based experiences are an integral part of our program. Educators plan a diverse range of experiences to create opportunities for your child in both structured and spontaneous play.



Our programs are inspired by the wisdom and teachings of early childhood theorists and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and aim to develop children’s emotional, social and cognitive intelligence.



The Kindergarten curriculum continues to emphasise play based learning, however offers additional intentional learning times where the focus is on literacy and numeracy, socialisation, self-regulation and independence.


What led you to a career in the childcare industry?
Being able to make a difference in children’s lives, influence and shape lives of young children and their families. Being in Early Childhood Sector empowers me to shape the future of up-and-coming generations and experience the satisfaction of working closely with children and families. Another reason why I like working with children is that it is an ongoing learning experience. Every child has their unique story and no two children are the same. This creates a vast scope of learning for Early Childhood professionals, with new works/ research being conducted constantly in the field there is always an opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills, reflect on their practice under a new light and come up with a fresh perspective

Who Inspires you and why?
My philosophy of education is inspired by the works of , John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, Mildred Parten as they emphasize the importance of a learner’s interactions and relationships with the individuals around them hence highlighting the pivotal role that the social and cultural worlds play in a child’s holistic development. My personal philosophy is also inspired by Jean Piaget and I believe that children are little researchers. Children learn by using their senses to explore how things work. They need to be able to see, touch, taste, smell, move, and hear the things they are learning about.

What are you passionate about?
I have always been passionate about educating children and hence chose education as my calling. During my teaching career overseas, I had the opportunity to teach various age groups, but early years education has always been my greatest interest. Watching children grow whilst being a part of their learning journey that results in a holistically developed young individuals is satisfying and rewarding at the same time

Shamona Child Care Centre Manager Epping

What type of leadership style do you have?
As a leader I like to involve the team members while making critical decisions and utilize varied skills and experience of the team members to achieve stipulated outcomes. An ideal leader in my opinion is someone who is able to coach or mentor the team and support development of the desired skills in the members of the team when the need arises.

What makes your service such an amazing service?
An amazing team that is culturally diverse and is respectful of their differences. Emotionally safe environment. Competitive salary. Flexible schedule that allows work/life balance. Professional Development. Supportive management that always provides their staff with the support they need to succeed in the workplace. employees should feel that they have their manager’s support when dealing with stressful situations. A Creative culture where individuality is valued and creativity is encouraged to achieve more meaningful results for the service

What are your goals for the service over the next 12 months?
My goal for the service over next 12 months is to create a warm, nurturing and educational environment for the children, achieve higher outcomes in education ,wellbeing of the children and community involvement, consolidate a team of passionate and highly skilled educators who can support the children through their learning, hence achieving the status of the most sought after early learning centre in area.


Kindergarten Approved Program Victoria

Our centre welcomes families from surrounding suburbs including Epping, Craigieburn, Mernda and Somerton. We offer a state-of-the-art facility boasting beautifully renovated environments, spacious play areas, and modern educational materials. 

Our aim is to provide a secure and happy environment where children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and language skills to become competent and confident individuals. And for you to feel safe knowing that your child is receiving the best possible care.

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Where to Find Us

We are situated in Epping North on the corner of Harvest Home and Edgars Roads. A short distance from Aurora Village and Harvest Home Primary School.

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329a Harvest Home Road, Epping VIC 3076
  03 9408 1586  |   [email protected]
Open  Monday to Friday 6.30am to 6.30pm

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