Thalia Brown-Scott is a Story House Service Manager who always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. 


Thalia reflected on how she began her career in the early childhood sector by saying, “In my senior years at high school, there was so much pressure about university and figuring out your long-term plans. It was super overwhelming for me as I didn’t particularly enjoy school. The only thing I knew I wanted to do, was to ‘make a difference for others’… as cheesy as it sounds. After a little thought and research, I figured the best way to make a difference was to start with young people and create a great foundation for them. Still hesitant about going straight to university, I kept my options open for a couple of months, until the local newspaper advertised a childcare traineeship, which I ended up being accepted for and started 1 month after I finished year 12. Fast forward 9 years and here I am, still loving coming to work each day.”


Having just celebrated her first anniversary with Story House Early Learning, Thalia has been the Service Manager for our Roma Street service in Brisbane over the past year until a recent opportunity surfaced that she couldn’t refuse. 

Story House opened a brand-new service in Doreen, Victoria in January this year and was looking for a capable manager to ensure high quality education and learning outcomes for children, to manage the service effectively and to be a valuable support and mentor for the Doreen team. Thalia jumped at the chance and has relocated to her new home over the past month. Thalia said, “I had actually never even visited Melbourne prior to moving here 3 weeks ago… which was half the fun of taking on this great opportunity!”


Funnily enough, Thalia didn’t apply for this role directly. It was through a regular catchup with her manager where she casually mentioned that she would love to work in Melbourne one day in the future and one month later, her dream turned into a real opportunity.  She said, “During one of our regular catch ups, I was chatting with my Business Operations Manager, Amanda, when I casually mentioned I would love to work in Melbourne one day in the future. Within about a months’ time, the Story House COO, Craig, called me to discuss an amazing opportunity that was available in Melbourne”.


Thalia is thrilled with the promotion and feels supported in her new and expanded role.  She credits her manager, Amanda Fraser for seeing not only her potential but also realising her interests and has felt incredibly supported to advance her career.  She calls her a ‘fairy god mother’.  Thalia is also grateful for the support from her Roma St and Doreen teams who have been so helpful to her along the way.


In Thalia’s words, “I am incredibly inspired by Story House as not only a business but also as a community. I think the support, guidance, and opportunities I have been provided with through Story House, are a great representation of the care that this business has for its people. I have worked for a few large, well known Early Learning centres but Story House is by far my absolute favourite!”