Chinderah Child Care Children Laughing

Sarah was a casual employee for Story House Early Learning Windsor and was given an opportunity to apply internally for a Early Childhood Teacher position at Offspring Early Learning service in Chinderah. 

 Tell us about your career at Story House?

I started at Storyhouse quite recently in May, and in the midst of COVID! I worked at the Windsor centre on a casual basis as an ECT, and then was amazingly given the opportunity to apply internally to move to the Chinderah centre on a permanent basis as an ECT. I am now on week three and really enjoying it! 

What led you to a career in the childcare industry?

After a stint abroad in Japan teaching English, I knew I wanted to work with children! It took me a while to get there but I completed my studies in 2018 and became an ECT. It was definitely the best career move for me and I’m so happy I made the jump! 

Why did you apply to relocate to this service?

My partner was offered a job in Tweed Heads, so we decided to make the move down from Brisbane. I was lucky enough to have a Storyhouse centre quite close by, and after being offered the chance internally to apply which was accepted, I was very excited to make the move to Offspring in Chinderah. 

Who Inspires you and why?

I am truly inspired by the actions of the ‘everyday person’, whether it be going above and beyond in the workplace, or strangers showing compassion and generosity to each other. The little acts of kindness everyday is what makes the world a better place!

What are you passionate about?

I would say I am passionate about children’s’ unique journey through the early years, and being alongside them whilst they are growing and learning about themselves and the world. I am also an advocate for inclusion, and passionate about bringing equity to my everyday practice.