Use Your Skills & Talents at Story House

Our philosophy and values are at the core of who we are at Story House Early Learning and through our values of Growth and Innovation, we love to incorporate some of the passions and talents that our amazing team bring with them to their roles.

It’s always clear through our hiring process that people want to work at Story House because they are rewarded by helping children to grow and develop.  Educators come to the interview armed with qualifications, experience and enthusiasm for what they do.  But sometimes there are other skills, talents, passions and hobbies that people don’t see as relevant or important to talk about during a job interview or even after they’ve been hired.

But we’re here to say, ‘speak up’! If you have a special talent or a skill, a hobby or a deep interest in a particular area, these things will likely benefit children and we want you to share that part of your story too. 

In our services, we encourage educators to reflect on their style of teaching, alongside their hobbies and interests which has led our Roma Street service to offering specialised, extra-curricular classes to children on a weekly basis.  Miss Michelle utilizes her passion and talent in art and now implements a term-long art program to support children’s creativity and imagination.  Miss Jordyn was a gymnast and, with a passion for health and wellness, is now leading a gym class.  Miss Brittany has a real flair for singing, dancing and the dramatic arts – she’s hosted children’s parties in her own time and now she’s a superstar in the service.  There’s no such thing as too many encores!

In the gallery below, you’ll also see Mr. Beat Bop Brett from our Kids House Southport service and Ms. Tereza from Story House Alexandria who could sing and play with the children for hours on her guitar – they just love it! 

If you’re a passionate gardener, recycler, baker, tech enthusiast, stamp collector or photographer – share it with us. Bring your authentic you to a job interview and not only will you be given the chance to work in a career that you love but you just might get the opportunity to share your other talents as well – for the benefit of everyone! 

Let their learning story start with us.