Upgrades and improvements to our learning spaces

Oak on South recently had a major upgrade to the furnishing and educational materials. To best maximise the benefit of these new resources, the educators took time out on weekends to have a rethink about what we wanted to achieve with our learning spaces, and purposefully redesign them to improve our children’s experiences.

There’s more to learning spaces than meets the eye.

We consider what the learning areas will be used for and what we want to achieve from them. Are we looking to setup group activities, or a quiet area for children to ‘chill out’. Should resources be easily accessible to the children, or do we want to minimise clutter (less is more). We also consider flow to minimize children running or interfering with activities of other children. Maximising children being engaged with the activity at hand, then flows on to the room being altogether calmer, inviting and a positive learning environment.

Within the Nursery room, the educators intentionally design spaces for play-based learning that extend upon children’s fine and gross motor abilities in alignment with appropriate developmental milestones. Currently the children within the room are employing the use of the resources to extend on personal developments, including fine motor grasping, gross motor lifting, crawling, and climbing, alongside hand-eye coordination and recognition (i.e. colour recognition, recognition of self, and recognition of others).

We can’t wait for you all to come in and experience all the wonderful spaces.

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Let their learning story start with us.