Taking Kinder to the Beach

Our Pre-Kinder and Kinder children have begun Beach Kinder sessions!

Last week, the children set off on their first adventure to Black Rock Beach – which was a huge success!

During our walk through the Black Rock and Sandringham community, the children were chatting excitedly, pointing at various things in the environment and waving at the locals, discussing what they would like to do once they arrived.

Once at the beach, the children set off investigating, inspecting all areas in their surroundings. From building sandcastles and digging holes, to searching for shells and feathers together – they enjoyed every minute.

This beach kinder session allowed children to spend time learning and engaging with the natural environment in their community, they were able to spend quality time with their peers and educators, and all in a non-structured and inquiry-based play and learning setting.

Let their learning story start with us.