A Recyclable Robot Afternoon at Story House Tarneit

Boys building robots in childcare

Over the last few weeks, the children at Tarneit Early Learning Childcare Centre have really taken an interest in the alphabet. They have discovered that robot begins with R, so the educators have introduced a recyclable robot experience.

We began by discussing the different features and body parts of a robot. The children then used recyclable boxes to cut out different shapes. The children collected all the body parts that they needed and together with their teachers, they punched holes into each piece ready to begin putting the masterpiece together. Lastly, after lots of discussion around how we would keep the parts together, Michaela brought the split pins out which the children were very intrigued to use. Lots of concentration.

Michaela, ECT, and the children then beautifully displayed their proud hard work in our centre hallway for the children and their families to view. The children have been excited to show their parents their masterpieces.

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