Meet our new service manager at Forest Hill.

Service Manager Forest Hill Childcare

We are excited to announce Yvette Preyser as our new service manager at Forest Hill. Yvette joining Story House Early Learning in 2019 as the 2IC where she very quickly showed her leadership skills and business acumen. Yvette would provide valued support to the Service Manager at the time, ensuring that the standards of the service were kept to a high standard, educators were supported and families were receiving exceptional customer service.  Unfortunately we had a few changes within the service in the management team within a short timeframe but this did not deter Yvette as she knew that this did not change what she was there for and that was to provide a service where children could come each day, feel safe and learn life long skills. Yvette displays the Story House values every day and has done a fantastic job of increasing occupancy, gaining respect from the staff and continuing to improve on the daily practices, all of this even during COVID. There is no better person that deserves this promotion. Well done Yvette.

Tell us about your career at Story House?

I started at Forest Hill back in July 2019 as the 2IC and due to unforeseen circumstances, there were a few management changes within the centre. Story House are passionate about providing consistency for the children and a quality service. Whilst I had not been with the service long, I was given the opportunity to put my hand up for the role of Service manager and was successful in being offered the position. Story House have been fantastic in supporting me within my new position and setting me up for success.

What led you to a career in the childcare industry? 

I would babysit a lot as a teenager and from that found my love for helping young children grow and develop.  So once I had finished year 12 I took a 6 month break before doing my cert 3 in children’s services.  After being within the industry for 2 years and realising this was the industry for me, I decided to continue with my studies and increase my knowledge base by completing my Diploma of Children’s Services.

What do you love about the service you work in?

I love the team I work with, the families that attend and the children that we care for. Each day is different and whether it be big or small, there is always something that gives you the satisfaction, knowing you have contributed towards the development of today’s children, tomorrow’s future.

Who Inspires you and why?

Steven Hawkins because he is proof that nothing can hold you back if you have the right attitude and mind set.

What are you passionate about?

Building a strong and successful team who hold the same passion for early childhood education as I do.

For more information on how to enrol at Story House Forest Hill, please contact Yvette Preyser at (03) 9894 0747 or contact us online.