Doreen child care centre construction update

Doreen Childcare Centre Under Construction Mar 2020 - Facade

We are looking forward with anticipation to the opening of our brand new child care centre in Doreen, Victoria.  Our staff went on-site recently to take a look around and get a first hand glimpse of the construction project.

As you can see, the centre is really starting to take shape.  The building is fully enclosed and weatherproofed, and the centre internal fitouts are almost complete. There’s still some work on the exterior facades and the next big stage is the external play spaces, which are currently being prepared.

We are aiming to open our doors in 2020. But watch this space for further updates as the construction project evolves.

If you have any enquiries about our new child care centre, please contact 03 9071 0277.

You can also register your interest at www.shel.edu.au/story-house-doreen/contact-new-family/ and we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date via email.

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