Story House children helping out at a local park in Sandringham

Story House Black Rock featured in the Bayside Leader when our children took part in the Clean Up Australia Day at Royal Avenue Reserve Sandringham. This is the story as reporting in Bayside Leader 12 March 2019.

A Black Rock childcare centre is proving you’re never too young to lend a hand.

More than 10 children aged under 5 from the Story House Early Learning Centre picked up rubbish at Royal Avenue Reserve Sandringham recently.

Manager Ashley Brouwer said it was the first time the children had taken part in Clean Up Australia Day, and they loved it.

“We go to the playground all the time and wanted to make the kids more aware of their surroundings and more responsible for their environment,” she said.

“They really like helping out anywhere possible, whether that’s planting in our garden or cleaning up after ourselves.

“This teaches them about sustainability too.”

Ms Brouwer said it was also another way to get the young people out into the world.

“It’s never too early to care, and this is better than just being stuck in care every day,” she said.

Let their learning story start with us.