Discovering a love for the Environment


The environment has a huge impact on children because of their constant interaction with it.  And, as little beings full of wonder and curiosity, there are so many opportunities to teach them about sustainable practices.  It also helps that the Black Rock centre is designed with naturalistic playscapes that create sensory experiences for children to explore and develop a love for nature with real, natural elements.

The entire centre at Story House Early Learning Black Rock is currently engaged in a sustainability project which started as a result of a small group of children in the sandpit asking for water to use for their ‘cooking’.  The Sustainability Officer, Jess suggested they go on a hunt for some rainwater since it had been raining the night before. The children found so much water and were so proud that their actions had saved using water from the tap.

Now, each day the children are very careful about the centre’s water use and not just outside, but ensuring water is saved inside too. They are using more recycled boxes and other materials for art and craft and families are getting involved by donating items as well!

The environment is a critical element of a childcare centre. It impacts all seven areas of the National Quality Standards (NQS). It also contributes to each of the five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Story House Early Learning believes in the importance of teaching children environmental sustainability by showing children how to be sustainable and explaining why it’s important. We talk about reducing waste and minimising consumption, protecting wildlife and conserving natural habitats and meeting our needs while thinking about our impact on others and future generations.  Fundamentally, children are taught to take care and to be kind and respectful to their surroundings. 

And the best part is that the children are taking these important messages home to their families to create awareness and bring sustainable practices into their home lives too.  We can’t wait to see where this project continues to take us….