Sandpit Fun at Miranda

The sandpit is a fun place for children to explore and it provides many benefits towards their development. Just by interacting with the sandpit, children can extend upon all aspects of their physical, social and cognitive development.  Here are some examples.

As the children engage in the many resources available to them in the sand pit, the children actively engage in numeracy concepts. One of the children decided to bake some mud cakes for her educators. She asked the educator how many cakes she would like. The educator said she would like 3 cupcakes. The child set to the task of making, exactly 3 cakes using the various moulds in the sandpit. Through this imaginative play experience within the sandpit, the child was able to expand upon her rote counting skills to ensure she had 3 cakes to give to her educator. She was also able to enhance her understanding of volume and capacity as she filled the moulds and emptied them. 

The sandpit promotes active physical movement which enhances many developmental aspects from using children’s big, gross motor muscles in their legs and arms to smaller, fine motor muscles in their fingers and toes. The children in the preschool room decided to collaborate together and dig to the bottom of the sandpit. Together, they each grabbed a shovel from the storage container. One child started to dig in a particular spot and soon all the children joined in, digging in the same area. As they stuck their shovels into the sand and scooped up the sand to remove it, the children were actively engaging in their gross motor and core muscles. 

Throughout the play scenarios of the children during play, many of them collaborated amongst each other as well as with the educators. Through these interactions,  the children are further enhancing their social skills such as turn taking, cooperation and working as a team towards a common goal – sharing ideas etc. As the children engage in these conversations, they are further able to learn from these chats and apply this new knowledge to their existing ideas and skills. 

The sandpit is a wonderful environment for fostering children’s learning. So if your children come home with half the sandpit with them, it means they were actively engaged in learning and further expanding their skills and knowledge.


About Story House Miranda:

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