Offspring Chinderah joins Story House

Now proudly owned and managed by Story House Early Learning

Story House welcomes aboard Offspring Early Learning childcare centre. Engaging only the best educators, Offspring goes above and beyond to ensure your child’s educational experience is rich and rewarding, ensuring they receive a tailored program that focuses on bringing out their best.

Our custom built centre strives to provide a safe, inclusive, nurturing and respectful environment where your child can develop intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative skills, allowing them to become confident young individuals and life-long learners.

Operating since 2015, we’re proud to be independently owned and locally operated and create educational programs tailored to the needs of our children.

We welcome families to our centre with a promise that we want to partner together to find out as much of the essential understanding you have of your child as quickly as possible.

Our vision & philosophy, our resources, and our educators, are all focused on helping you give your child the best possible start in life and ensuring positive outcomes for your child.

Our service

We provide a highly functioning, contemporary learning focused on a happy environment for our children, families and educators.

Our highly trained educators have been chosen for their professionalism, and over 95% are Diploma or Teacher trained to provide positive outcomes for children, families and our community as life-long learners and highly functioning members of our society.

Our Community Education and Connections program ensures quality partnerships between children, their families and educators through interacting with an educative process that promotes current knowledge and localised content.

Educators, families and our community are supported to access research drive theory and practice to access beyond classroom education opportunities, creating a “Community of Education”.

Let their learning story start with us.