Teddy Bears Picnic in Toowoomba

Teddy Bears Picnic in Toowoomba

Recently, the Wilsonton Early Years Network held their very first annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

The Wilsonton Early Years Network (WEYN) is a government funded initiative that was created for local early education, primary education, health, government & community services to come together to ensure the best outcomes for the children in our area.

The Under 5’s Teddy Bears Picnic was created to showcase what is available to families in the community and promote the importance of the Early Years.  We had over 200 people turn up and it was a fabulous day out meeting and networking with our community.

The Kindy children from Oak on Erin ventured out on an excursion to join us at the park. They were so very excited to travel on a big bus with their teddies and came on down to have some fun. There were lots of activities, from face painting their own faces, to pasta threading & treasure hunting. We loved going around and meeting new people and getting our special passbooks stamped. We had a lovely picnic morning tea and the favourite of the day was the big slide! We even got to take home our very own handmade teddy!

About Oak on Erin

Oak on Erin Early Education is conveniently located at 23-25 Erin Street, Wilsonton and caters to families in Wilsonton, Wilsonton Heights, Rockville and Newtown.  The Hamptons inspired, 5-room service features large play spaces with natural and organic environments. 

This is the third Story House early education service to be established in the Toowoomba region with OAK on Jellicoe and OAK on South just minutes down the road.

Let your child’s story begin with us!

For all enquiries, please call Sarah Dewhurst:

Phone: (07) 4646 2460

Email: erinst@shel.edu.au

Let their learning story start with us.