Games Fun & Educational!

As children engage in their environment, games are particularly beneficial as they provide many opportunities for learning in all areas of development such as social, emotional and cognitive development.

Children extended upon their literacy skills by playing a game of Bingo as the educator called out a letter of the alphabet and the children had to find the letter on their playing card and put a marker down, if they had the letter. This reinforced the children’s memory recall skills of the visual representation of each letter.  As the children searched for their letter, they would verbalise their thoughts, saying the letter aloud; further reinforcing their letter recognition skills. As the children engaged in this game, they would assist each other by helping them find the letter on their card. This activity helped to promote their team building and cooperation skills to further enhance their social development.

Feed The Monster
This game involved the use of a monster constructed out of recycled boxes, dice, and gems. It involved the children rolling the die, counting the number displayed and then feeding the corresponding amount of gems to the monster. This game encourages numeracy concepts in the children learning as they further their understanding of one-to-one correspondence and develop their subitising abilities – the ability to recognise patterns and immediately know the amount shown. This games also promotes children’s emotional development as the children are required to wait patiently for their turn while the other children are given a chance to engage in the activity. 

Games are not only fun and exciting, but also provide many wonderful benefits and learning opportunities for children. The children really seem to enjoy these small group experiences as they learn the concept of new games and interact with their friends while learning. 


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