World Space Week at SHEL Mascot

‘’Space is an inspirational concept, that allows you to dream big’’ (Peter Diamandis)

From the 4th to the 10th of October, Story House Mascot went on a space journey to the moon and back. The children loved celebrating all things space as they explored the stars, the moon and the galaxy. 

The Penguin children (0-15 mths) did some creative moon craft, explored books, and observed the space light rocket. The children used their fine motor skills to scrunch up parts of foil for their moon craft. While other children had fun sharing the space light rocket and singing songs such as ‘’3 Flying men’’. These experiences encouraged the children to demonstrate curiosity and imagination as they use creative art and observe the light rocket with their friends.

Meanwhile, the Seals (15mth-24mths) also got creative using a paint sponge for their moon craft. The children explored texture and cause and effect, as they made their prints. By exposing the children to different mediums, they can engage with a variety of prints, which they can observe and play around with. This encourages the children to use trial and error as they get messy with paint.

The Dolphins (24mths-36mths) took a relaxing and fun element to explore space as they slept and observed the stars from above. A light installation was projected on the roof for the children to gaze at. This experience created such great excitement and joy as the children could come together as one, relax and enjoy the natural beauties of our galaxy – the stars!!

The Minke Whales (3-4yrs) took their learning to another level, exploring the different phases of the moon. A stimulant image was displayed for the children to replicate their own drawings of the various moon shapes. This activity encouraged problem-solving and mathematical thinking as the children practiced drawing full and half circles and crescents.

The Blue Whales (4-5yrs) explored the whole galaxy with a cut and paste activity. This activity also involved problem-solving and fine motor skills as they cut out the planets put them in order of the solar system and glued them down. Afterwards, the children used fruit and skewers and made a rocket to celebrate Space Week for afternoon tea. The children helped prepare their own fruit skewers as they placed each fruit piece by piece. 

As the children explored Space through hands on experiences, they began to gain a greater understanding about the world in which they live. Children used inquiry-based learning to ask questions and analyse their own thought processes. 

At Story House Mascot, the children demonstrate they are confident and involved learners (EYLF, outcome 4) as they demonstrate confidence, cooperation and curiosity in their own learning. We believe that children have the right to explore, dream and develop their learning skills. By celebrating Space Week, it ignites curiosity and scaffolds children’s learning to be creative thinkers. Creativity is therefore present when major artistic, scientific, and technical discoveries are made. It is also existent whenever an individual alters, combines, images, or makes something new (Vygotsky, 1896-1934).

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