BIG Transitions for Little People at Story House Mascot

This time of the year, the Blue Whales children get ready for their graduation! What an exciting part of the year. In preparation of the big day, the children perform three songs which include ‘’I am ready to go’’, ‘’Dynamite’’ and ‘’Thank you’’ songs. The children spent 4 weeks learning the lyrics and dance moves in preparation for the big day. Graduation is such an exciting time where the children share fun and joy with their peers through dance and songs.

Before the children get into their gowns, the children share what they want to be when they grow up and what they have learnt from the year. Here are some of the things the children have said – Bevis said ‘’we learnt about spiders’’, Evie said ‘’we learnt about Earth’’, Claire said ‘’we learnt about our bodies’’, and Gareth said ‘’we learnt about trains’’.

Children bring family and community ways of being, belonging and becoming to their early childhood settings. By building on these experiences, educators help all children to feel secure, confident and included and to experience continuity in how to be and how to learn (EYLF, 2009).

We are so proud of the Blue Whale children as they did such an amazing job in their performance and accepting their graduation certificate. The children demonstrated they are confident and involved learners, effective communicators and showed outstanding confidence skills as they sing and perform for the families and friends.

Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn. Preschool graduation is the time to celebrate.

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