Mascot Children Discover Trees And Plants

The children in the Dolphin room have been learning all about trees and plants which stemmed from their interest in exploring the bottle brushes and other native plants that live in and around the service.

The children showed curiosity and wonder as they used their senses to feel and touch the plants, using vocabulary like ‘smooth’, ‘prickly’, ‘bumpy’.

Having the children decide to participate in watering and looking after the garden is a great way to teach them how to care for our plants and the natural world around them.  

The children really enjoyed this learning experience and continue to care for and protect their vegetable garden. The experience provided the children with numerous learning opportunities as they explored and showed respect for their environment.  For example, there was lots of discussion about how much water is needed to look after our plants and how we can take turns (it was a very popular activity).

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Let their learning story start with us.