Yoga on the Beach at Southport

Service Manager, Miss Helen was able to attend Beach Kinder this morning to take children on a Yoga Sea Safari. Yoga is a wonderful way to help children engage their complex sensory-motor skills and movement patterns as well as developing their spatial awareness by orienting themselves which helps them to move around and through their environments confidently and safely. Yoga has a number of other benefits too including:

  • Yoga helps children manage their anxiety
  • Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation
  • Yoga boosts children’s self-esteem
  • Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness
  • Yoga enhances children’s concentration and memory
  • Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility

Using their imaginations, and with the beautiful backdrop of sand and water at the local beach, the children listened carefully to Miss Helen as they manoeuvred their bodies into the shape of a boat and rode the waves to reveal what animals they could see in the ocean.  “Blue whale, shark, jelly fish and dolphin” the children called out each time they stopped the boat.  

Children laughed out loud each time the waves knocked their boats backwards and tried hard to create the shapes of each sea creature with their little bodies. During their relaxation, Miss Helen took them on a tranquil journey with the sea mermaids through the cool, blue waters.  They listened and identified the sounds all around them….wind, birds, a boat on the water, small waves trickling on the shore. It was so relaxing 😊. 

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