Supporting World’s Greatest Shave


Recently Jo the Kindergarten Teacher at Kid’s House Cheltenham wanted to raise funds and awareness for the World’s Greatest Shave by publicly shaving her head.  The World’s Greatest Shave helps those diagnosed with blood cancers; a cause close to Jo’s heart.

Jo had been growing her hair for the last 12 months in preparation for it to be shaved and a wig made for someone in need.

A Kid’s House parent and hairdresser, Scott kindly volunteered to donate his time and cut Jo’s hair in front of a crowd of onlookers.  Children and educators joined in to support Jo and the greater cause by having a Crazy Hair Day.  Everyone was proud that together they raised $200.

Fundraising events create learning opportunities for children of all ages, their parents and the wider community. They’re great ways for educators to get the class involved with the community, while complying with the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

In this case, the World’s Greatest Shave was a powerful way to unify the Kid’s House community around an important cause and was a fun way to educate children about empathy by helping them to understand how someone might feel different going through cancer treatment, philanthropy by learning the value of selflessness, and empowerment by feeling a sense of achievement in committing to a challenge and succeeding in raising funds for a great cause.

Congratulations to Jo for taking on this challenge and for raising much needed awareness in the Cheltenham community.