A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan at Kew Early Learning

Kew Kids Early Learning A New Chapter for Margaret Milligan

We would like to congratulate Margaret Milligan in her recent promotion to Service Manager at Kew Kids. Margaret has been a loyal and dedicated employee of Story House Early Learning.  Starting with Kids House Clyde North in 2019, where she was a pivotal team member, running engaging programs for the children and always ensuring the health and safety of the children were put first. Margaret has always gone above and beyond supporting her manager and did not hesitate when she was asked to help out at Kew Kids whilst we were recruiting. However, Margaret quickly won the respect of the parents and educators and again went above and beyond in the support she provided. Ensuring the quality of the service and needs of the children were never forgotten, Margaret has displayed sound professional experience that shows initiative and a strong sense of personal responsibility for meeting objectives, modelling of professional and ethical behaviour, commitment to personal development; and display of courage in the provision of advice and decision making.

My name is Margaret Milligan
I would love to share with you all a little bit of information about myself. 

Tell us about your career at Story House?
In 2019 I moved to Kids House Clyde North filling the role of Educational Leader, WPHS and assisted my Director for the time I spent at Kids house. 
I believe that I am very blessed to have a job that I enjoy so much. 

What led you to a career in the childcare industry?

My passion for working with children started when my eldest daughter started in her Nursery School in Scotland, UK (Kindergarten)

I just knew this was my calling. Whenever I could, I volunteered in the centre my children attended. My passion just continued to grow. Once my children all went to school, I went to Collage for 2 years full time. It was amazing, very challenging but, overall, the best experience of my life. I worked with Glasgow City Council as a pre-school teacher and was mentored by the most amazing educators and for that, I am very grateful. 

In 2009 I joined a centre in Cranbourne East this was my first ever, long day care and it was absolutely fantastic the director took me under her wing and I went on to gain many years’ experience assisting her as a director, WPHS officer and my full career with them I was a room leader. 
For many years I worked in within the Clyde North area fulfilling roles such a WPHS, Educational leader and Room leader and assisting my directors. 

What do you love about the service you work in?

I started with Story House 2 years ago and must say I am so thankful for the overall support and encouragement that prepared me for my new Role as Service Manager at Kew Kids

Working here at Kew Kids is just Fantastic. Children Families and educators have been so welcoming and are making me love my job more and more each day.