Keilor Downs Childcare Children Celebrate Special Persons Afternoon

We had such an amazing afternoon to celebrate Mother’s Day and Special Persons Day where the children were able to pamper their Mothers and the special persons that came to visit.   

Each classroom decided on what they would like to offer to their Mothers and special persons during their time for Afternoon Tea. It was such a lovely afternoon; the children were so proud so share what they had to offer. There were lots of beautiful conversations with the educators, families, and children, a great was a great way for us all to connect with some extra fun with pampering.

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Room 1 – Home made hand manicure – coconut oil and raw sugar with water (editable, in case anyone decided to taste it)

Room 2 – Making flowers with art and craft materials.

Room 3 – Making earrings for their special someone to wear.

Room 4 – Decorating their own cookies together with a few licks.

Room 5 – Decorating cupcakes and making flowers using art and craft materials.

Room 6 – Photo booth and making a bracelet or a necklace with their special someone.  

Room 7 – Children painting their parents nails, this was super fun.