I Spy.. A Crab! Kids House Early Learning Southport

Our Beach Kinder program continues and the children love nothing more than a trip to the river – another adventure  full of spontaneous learning opportunities!

We were excited to spot some black swans floating in the water.  Little did we know, these were very social swans who were very curious about what it was we were up to on their beach. 

As a class, we practiced respect for our natural environment, allowing the swans space, and ensuring we did not scare them by keeping quiet and distant.

Shortly after, we saw a cast of crabs scurrying across the sand. When they felt our footsteps, the quickly changed direction and began digging into the sand for safety. This was not before we were able to identify the ‘blue’ colour on their shells as well as their ‘yellow’ legs. Once again, we practiced caring for our local wildlife by not digging them out of the sand.

Mrs. Ebonie was so brave and very gently scooped up a crab that was crawling across the sand so that we could take a closer look.

The beautiful blue crabs showed us how to dig ‘holes’ in the sand which gave us our new letter of the week – ‘H’.  

We also played ‘I Spy’ on our walk to the beach – an activity for school readiness.

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