Getting Our Kindy Kids Engaged In Science

Did you know every August is National Science week? We got very involved here at Oak on Jellicoe and treated our children to two science experiments suitable for kindy aged children.

There is a growing interest to bring STEM into the curriculum in early childhood education, but exactly how this can be achieved, is always a challenge. At Oak on Jellicoe, the Junior Kindy teachers worked on two fun experiments that helped foster our children’s curiousity about science. Or practically, learning about the world we live in.

The first experiment we conducted was to build a Volcano. The children watched as our pretty pink volcano erupted from sand!

When our educators do experiments (fun play) like these, we actively ask questions which help to stretch their young minds.

Next up our team did the shaving cream rain experiment, made all the more fun with lots of green food colour! The shaving cream was our cloud, and the water acted as an atmosphere, or sky. As the educators added the food colouring it pushed down through the shaving cream cloud into the atmosphere below, just as rain falls from the sky.

Bright colours and shapes helps to make experiments especially fun for our young children.

One of the best things about our experiments is they use simple kitchen ingredients and are easy to do at home! If you have any ideas on more experiments or would like to know how to do these at home, you are welcome to speak with one of our educators.

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Let their learning story start with us.