Exploring rainbows and colours at Story House Mascot

The seals have been exploring rainbows and colours over the past few weeks. The seals engaged with some scratch paper artwork. Each child used a wooden stick to scratch the black piece of paper to reveal the rainbow colours underneath. Through this activity the seals created a unique piece of artwork and experimented by pressing the stick down hard and soft onto the paper to see what effect that had. This sparked great excitement, as the children saw the colours were revealed and then discussed what colours they could see and which ones were their favourite.

Another fun way to explore the rainbow of colours was exploring our senses through fruit and taste. This activity was all about touch and taste. Our educator Abby prepared some fresh fruit in all the colours of the rainbow including juicy red strawberries, orange mandarin, yellow capsicum, and green kiwi fruit. During the experience the children talked about how the fruit tasted, the texture and the colour. This activity encourages the children to explore their senses by seeing, feeling and tasting the fruit.

Another way our Seals explored colour was through coloured dye and foam. The children observed how colours transform to make other primary colours, which the seals named as they saw them and how moving it with a stick can make patterns. This sensory and colour activity, encouraged the children to squirt the shaving foam from the can and use their fine motor skills. Once there was a nice layer of shaving foam, the children took turns at carefully squirting some red, yellow and blue food colouring into the foil tray. The seals used a chopstick to swirl the colours around before pressing a piece of paper on top. The children gently smoothed the paper and then lifted it up to reveal a colourful, shaving cream creation.

By encouraging our children to use hands on play experiences, this sends messages to the brain about how our world works. At this age (18months- 24months) children who use hands-on play to learn about the different environments and items they are exposed to. Through touch, the children practice their hand eye coordination and language skills as they name the colours. Science skills can also be learnt as they include things like cause and effect, and problem-solving where the children observe changes in colour. The seals use a range of hands-on play experiences, to promote many learning skills such as social emotional, cognitive, language and physical development.

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