Early Learning Activities to Test Out Textures


Looking for ideas and activities to play with your baby while at home? 

Much of your baby’s learning in their first year will happen naturally as you talk, read, make faces, and interact with them.

These fun and easy activities help stimulate your infant’s development — and bring on some adorable smiles and giggles.


As your baby begins to scoot and crawl, try laying rugs, blankets, or items with different textures on the floor for them to explore as they travels across them. Nubby carpet remnants, sticky contact paper, and noisy bubble wrap are just a few ideas.

Carry your baby around and help them feel the textures of different surfaces, such as a cool brick wall or the soft cushioning of a sofa.

Your crawling baby will love feeling interesting items if you scatter them across the floor. Get down on the floor and explore them together, using words like cool, smooth, and bumpy to talk about what they are feeling. 

Extension Activities

    • Demonstrate how to feel them with the face or feet.
    • If your baby can stand against a low table, put some of the objects on top for feeling from a different angle.
    • Float a sheer scarf over your baby’s face.
    • Put some of the objects in a box and help your baby to pull them out.

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