Oakvale Childcare Centre offers a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten program

Child Care Centre in Glenvale Toowoomba QLD

Now proudly managed by
Story House Early Learning

Story House welcomes aboard Oakvale Early Learning childcare centre. With over 19 years experience, Oakvale prides itself on providing stimulating educational programs that allow children to explore, observe, learn and ask questions that further develop their creative, exploratory and problem solving skills.

Our programs are designed by using a combination of the Emergent Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. This Framework assists our qualified educators to provide your children with the best opportunities to develop a love and passion for learning while maximising their full potential.

We believe in nurturing your child to become a lifelong learner. The Early Years Learning Framework recognises that children’s lives are characterised by belonging, being and becoming. From before birth children are connected to family, community, culture and place. At Oakvale we support this framework and develop our educational programs so that your child will reach their full potential within their community and as individuals.

Oakvale Childcare Centre offers a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten program delivered by a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Our classes are small in size which allows us to provide high quality outcomes for your child.

Each child in our care has their own portfolio that showcases a variety of their works so that you can understand and see first-hand what learning is taking place and how your child is developing.

Our program covers the following areas:


Story telling
Talking & Listening – daily news, reading tim
Love of books
Structure of texts
Visual literacy
Sounds of language
Letter-sound relationships
Concepts of print
Enjoyment of language
Confidence in using digital media
Sing and chant rhymes, jingles and songs


Problem solving
Shape recognition
Mathematical vocabulary
Spatial sense
Measurement – language and units
Connections and exploring the world mathematically
Data argumentation 

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

Community awareness local and wider
Developing children’s knowledge, understandings, skills, values and attitudes towards others
Role and responsibilities in the environment
Developing knowledge on their physical environment

Social Skills

Manners and social interaction with grace and confidence
Developing self respect and respect of others
Building friendships and social recognition through play
Values education

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

Development of fine & gross motor skills
Daily physical activity – fitness & sport
Healthy living

Creative Arts

Visual arts – craft and exposure to varying art forms – Painting, Drawing
Drama & dance – developing confidence and self expression
Music – the making and appreciating of their own music and that of others
Ceramics, Fibre. Manipulating materials to create an artwork

Science & Technology (S&T)

Computer programs
Smart Board interactive Learning
Science Units integrated with Literacy and HSIE